Determine Your Financial Priorities With These 2 Simple Steps


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  1. Our current financial priority is paying off our personal credit card and car debt as quickly as possible. Once we’re down to our student loans, we plan to shift gears a bit to save for a down payment on our first house/income property. We’ve optimized our budget to throw every available dollar at the debt and are averaging about $4,500 per month in progress. We check in at least every other week at this point, mostly because the progress is exciting!

  2. Great steps! Our current priority is paying off our student loans. We determined our master financial plan back in the summer of 2015 when we decided to live the Mustachian way. The order of our priorities was: cut the hell out of expenses (groceries, rent, entertainment, etc.), build a small savings cushion with the excess ($500 was our start), pay off our smaller credit card balance ($4,000), pay off our large credit card balance ($10,000), eliminate a $10,000 car payment and buy a used truck with $4,000 cash, save for a house, pay for a $12,000 renovation in cash, pay off student loans ($65,000), and then pay off the house / invest. Phew!

  3. Agreed, you need to have priorities and a plan! I’ve been incredibly strict lately to write down every goal, every financial achievement, and tangible (realistic) dates to achieve them.

    When I was at a job (not just being a blogger-author) I did this prioritizing and it helped a ton. I wanted to have X saved, 20% for a down payment, and buy a used BMW. By cutting expenses, earning more, and having priorities I achieved them all.

    Good post!

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