Self-Pity is the Enemy of Progress


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2 Responses

  1. While your position may be a bit harsh, I think in many cases people who feel they are stuck in a rut need the pep-talk most. Even the people that get defensive and lash out might just need to get mad enough to decide to make a change in their own life. Kudos to you for having a thick enough skin to take it.

    Learning to congratulate others on their success has made a big change in my own outlook on life. I no longer go through the day holding a grudge against the person with the nicer car, bigger house, or newer gadget. Instead, I look at my own situation (which I’m very happy with) and work to achieve my own dreams.

    • Hero says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ryan.

      I’ve often been reminded that comparison is the thief of joy. Once I really internalized that idea, I stopped comparing myself to others. Another thing that helped me is realizing we are all on different journeys. Because we may be at different points in our journeys, it is fruitless to compare our beginning to someone else’s middle.

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