Investing is a Marathon – A Personal Training Guide to Win


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9 Responses

  1. Awesome post and I loved the comparisons. A lot of lessons learned there for sure. Congrats on finishing strong in the race and hope we all finish strong with our investments!

  2. This is a good analogy. With investing, (just like with a marathon), ultimately, you just need to push forward and run fast enough to get to the finish line at the time you want.

    And wow, you still ran the next day!?

  3. Such a great read, Hero! And your analogy is spot on!!

    Yup, been there at miles 20-26 with ya. And, as you suggest, it’s in the equivalent stretch for investors – when the “finish line” seems far off and things are suddenly hard – that it’s easy to lose sight of the goal.

    That’s an awesome Buffet quote…! Sound advice on a variety of levels!

    Thanks for this great read.

  4. Ever since my knee injury I try to bike everywhere instead. If it’s like a marathon , then I faceplanted at the beginning of the race while I tried to invest in individual oil stocks which hasnt turned out so well

  5. Good analogy, it really is a marathon. When people try to make it a sprint, that’s when they get into trouble and blow up their investment accounts!

    Nice job on the half-marathon – I ran a 10 miler several years ago and knees have still not forgiven me!

  6. Great analogy and congrats on finishing the race! I’ve been contemplating doing a marathon or iron man competition and think I may add it to my list of goals for 2017!

  7. Love this post! I’ve run a few marathons (OK – jogged I guess??) including Chicago so I definitely could connect. I was thinking at the end, you don’t get a second marathon – so the lessons are really important as you said. And I could never run the next day… we would swim a little, but oh…those stairs were a killer!

  8. Two years ago, I ran my first 5k after following a couch-to-5k program. I know that’s nothing compared to a marathon, but it was a big deal to me. I never thought I could run even a mile! One thing I learned was that if I followed the established plan, I would succeed. It wasn’t as hard as it seemed, if I followed the plan step-by-step.

    I think investing is so much the same way. There are helpful plans out there and if we just follow them, we’ll reach the finish line!

  9. This is such a powerful analogy! In both running and investing, the mind plays a massive role towards success, so it’s vital to have a strong and resilient one. It’s kinda scary to think that I’m only on something like mile 4 now…(note to self: shhhh! Keep your eyes on the finish line!)

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