30 Life Lessons I Learned at Age 30


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7 Responses

  1. Actually the best is yet to come. I really didn’t get serious about being an entrepreneur until I was 30, now in my 40’s it’s paid off with the time freedom that most can only dream about. We’re living a great life, but a simple life.

  2. “No” has been such a good word. Remember when we were kids and we loved to say no? We need to relearn as adults that it’s okay to turn things down or stand up for ourselves.

  3. Love it! Most important one for me is to remember there’s always room to learn more.

  4. Really good post man…I am turning 30 in August and planned on doing a similar one! It’s weird how things change so much in the late 20’s. We got a lot of life left to conquer all our goals!

    • Hero says:

      Yes! I recently started listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, and he is so skilled at delivering the message that there is always time in life to achieve new things.

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