Money and Marriage: How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse


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3 Responses

  1. Great stuff, Hero! Glad you and the missus got it all figured out!

    Money’s always been an interesting topic in the Libre household since both the Lady Libre and I are economists. It’s been said, and I agree, that the only thing worse than an argument between two attorneys in a marriage is two economists. That’s because attorneys will each argue one side of a case. But economists will argue both sides at once! To make things worse, Lady Libre’s way smarter than I am and has this irritating tendency to be right about stuff. Which made things difficult at first and then, suddenly, really easy when I figured out the trick to money matters in our marriage: The Lady is right.

  2. TJ says:

    I love that you guys are both music teachers! That makes your financial journey that much more exciting to me.

    My parents both sing in community and church choirs and music definitely runs in the family. I sort of majored in it myself.

    Lots of wisdom in this post, i’m definitely bookmarking and going to take notes should I ever find myself in a spousal scenario.

  3. This is huge. It’s so important to have shared goals and dreams. You can have “his” and “hers” money, but that makes you feel like you’re not on the same team. Are you really going to make the spender eat dog food in retirement while the saver feasts?

    We also will talk with each other about any purchase over $200 before making the final decision. It’s not about getting permission, it’s about talking over our goals and often the other person will have valuable insight that eliminates the need for the purchase or changes it to something even more useful.

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