The Herd Mentality and Retirement – How to Free Yourself and Others


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12 Responses

  1. TJ says:

    Uh….yeah! Definitely not a conformist considering I’ve opted to take a little “mini retirement” even before financial independence.

    I have the rest of my life to work (until I hit the necessary number)….no foul in re-arranging the timelines a bit. 😀

  2. Ok wow I feel a little silly that I was the first commenter on that post and I was basically agreeing with your lie. My husband and I really aren’t focusing on early retirement because we have other priorities. I am totally ok with reaching financial independence 10 years later because we were busy giving our kids a good education and some family vacations along the way. If it we could have figured all this out BEFORE kids and become financially independent before becoming parents, that would have been ideal… But since we figured it out later, our choices are to sacrifice lot while our kids are at home and maybe reach retirement around the time they are leaving or spend more time enjoying our lives now and work to reach FI later. I am totally ok with the slightly slower path.

    • Hero says:

      I didn’t mean to make you or anyone feel silly, Cindy! I’m sorry about that. I think your values and plans are perfectly aligned to suit your desired outcomes, and that is what is important. My “lie,” so to speak, was parroting the early retirement cons I had read about previously. To your credit, you didn’t touch them with a ten foot pole in your comment. 🙂

  3. Early retirement is definitely not a goal that makes sense, or is even realistic, for everyone, and I think that’s ok. But what you’re saying about the herd mentality is 100% right and so important. Because the herd mentality is usually so self-defeating. But the good thing about the herd mentality is that if you can go all “Money Ball”, you can be one of the few to take advantage of things that are only available because most people do what is expected – i.e. credit card rewards. Great post!

  4. I feel like I just participated in a psychology experiment 🙂 I agree with you though we need to become critical thinkers and avoid going with what others are telling us is right. Unfortunately I think that is mostly how elections go.

    You have entrenched voters that are convinced one party is against them no matter what the data says one way or another. It’s pretty sad when you think about it but such is the herd mentality.

    • Hero says:

      Thanks for the wise comment, MSM. Retirement planning and voting receive the same amount of consideration (which is to say, very little) from most people.

  5. Interesting experiment. I think herd mentality is a very real societal issue that needs to be addressed. Especially since the advent of the Internet, people have been able to find corners with people who agree with them on everything so that their thoughts and positions are never challenged. It creates a real drag on productive debate that harms society as a whole.

  6. The desire for conformity.. I read an interesting article the other day that conformity stems from long ago. During the tribal times, we needed to care about what other people thought of us because if we were kicked out of a tribe, going the lone wolf route is almost suicidal because getting food by yourself was hard.

    Therefore, it’s hard to be the one that conflicts with another because of our instinct to survive. What other people thought of us directly correlated with our survival. It’s still true today. We care about what bosses think of us because otherwise, we could get fired, not get promoted, etc. It’s our survival instinct!

  7. I should disagree more often. Got me featured, didn’t it?

    Conformity rules!


  8. Erith says:

    At several training sessions I attended, it was pointed out that LISTEN is an anagram of SILENT, and that the two of them go together. You cannot Listen properly without being Silent. Your Dad was very wise.
    As for Early Retirement? The most important thing is Financial Independence / security. After you achieve that, you have choices. My 68 year old husband continues to work part-time, totally through choice, (we save his salary….), he knows he doesn’t have to but he loves what he does. However, if he had to work because we needed the money, then he would resent it. I choose not to work, enjoy my hobbies, just started blogging on how great retirement can be, and do voluntary work. We are both happy with our choices.

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