The Best Financial Advice Is Not Sophisticated


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3 Responses

  1. Hmm…I think some of the reason people want to gravitate toward the complicated is that Simple is not Easy and it’s not Quick. And people prefer easy and quick to simple when simple takes work, patience, or discipline, and it usually does.

  2. This is a good point. When the key to getting rich is spending less than you earn, investing smartly, and waiting, it can feel like there’s gotta be more to it. If so few people are rich, then it must be complicated and difficult to achieve. It feels like anyone who suggests simple solutions must be selling something.

  3. The biggest tip I’ve discovered while focusing on improving our financial situation is not to worry too much about becoming an expert before you start. Just start somewhere and you’re already better off than you were. Very similar to someone who wants to get in shape but isn’t a fitness or nutrition expert, just start being more active and figure it out from there.

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