The Benefits of Giving and Generosity


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8 Responses

  1. A good post, Hero. A fragile, fractured time we’re in right now, indeed.

    All these swirling impulses in our society do seem related, and there’s no doubt that – as you say – some selflessness would help dilute the angst.

    Thanks for the thoughtful article, and thanks for “giving” this reader something very positive today. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. One can’t overstate the importance of giving and generosity to a happier life and a better world. Especially in this political climate, it is definitely important to redouble our efforts and refocus on helping others.

  3. Beautiful and well said. I agree with you from the deep down bottom of my heart. Giving, caring and generosity are what we need more than ever. I have been heartened to see so many people opening their wallets to show support to the people and organizations that work to help others and who need lots of help themselves. Bravo.

  4. With Thanksgiving approaching, and deadlines for charitable giving in this tax year not far behind, this is a great time to think about how and where you care to give.

    Today, I made a donation that will more than double the size of our donor advised fund via Vanguard Charitable. Seeing my net worth shrink never felt so good.


  5. Mrs. PIE says:

    Thanks for this, a very thoughtful article and a timely reminder.

    The PIE family was the happy recipient of someone else’s generosity recently. We had our entire restaurant bill paid for by a kind soul who enjoyed seeing our well behaved kids eating with us.

    We returned to the same restaurant recently and decided to pay it forward by paying for another family’s meal. we quietly told the waiter to give us the check for the family next to us that had two lovely little girls. We watched their smiles and how they looked around the room to figure out who it was. When our check came the waiter was laughing. The family we were paying for had decided to pay it forward right there and paid for OUR meal not knowing is was us that paid for theirs!!!! We basically swapped checks. The staff were laughing, we were laughing, good times

    we plan to try again though – next time we’ll pay on the way out!!!

    • Hero says:

      That is an awesome story, Mrs. PIE! That’s what giving and generosity is all about! 🙂

    • That is an awesome story! We usually give in a variety of ways throughout the year and I sometimes wonder if that is a good way to do it. Today (on vacation) we donated money at the grocery store to pay for a family’s dinner for Thanksgiving. We add money in all the red kettles we see near Christmas (Salvation Army), we give to families at our school who are struggling. I wonder if a big donation somewhere is better – or if the small ones help more people. Great post Hero!

  6. Thai commercials are the best! Total tear jerkers. I’ve seen several others similar to that one. So good!

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