30 for 30: Goals for Age 30


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  1. I’m working on my second book, but my first didn’t really count haha! I’m trying to go for the Yakezie challenge too. I would just go for the half marathon, way better on your knees and I’m only 26. You’re killing me on twitter so way to go. Looks I have a lot to learn from you old man

    • Hero says:

      You’re right about the half being way easier on the knees. When I ran my most recent ultra a few years ago, I injured my knee, and to make a long story short, I had to crawl up the stairs for a few days.

  2. Happy birthday me old mate, haha. Ahhhh, I remember being 30….just. Actually, I didn’t mind becoming 30. I just saw it as ‘mature 20’s’. Turning 40 was the hard one. It just seemed ‘old’.

    Sounds like a great party planned to celebrate and some great goals outlined for the next 12 months. Write them down and pin them up on the fridge door if you haven’t already. Then there’s no getting away from them.

    And here’s to another successful year ahead of ya.

  3. Love it – I have about 8 more months of “twenty something” before the big 30

    That is a great list of goals and your celebration sounds awesome – drink a beer for me and enjoy!

  4. You’re just a youngster! I wish I had 10% of these goals when I was 30!

  5. ZJ Thorne says:

    I love that you have a basketball hoop now! I was never great at shooting hoops, but I found it so meditative growing up.

    The goals are good and big while being diverse. I think they sound great. 30 was an excellent year in my world after 29 was rough.

  6. Happy birthday old man! Actually I’m 30 too so I can’t talk.

    Take it easy on those running goals, you’re making us all look bad. I don’t think I can get my mile into the 6s anymore…:)

  7. Jon says:

    Happy birthday! I actually found that 31 was more traumatic than 30, but maybe that’s just me. Love the list of goals – best of luck and enjoy your birthday bash!

    • Hero says:

      Thanks, Jon. The birthday open house was a big success. I felt a bit like an old man the next day; talking to people all night was exhausting for this natural introvert!

  8. Happy Birthday! You young guys are setting your selves up for great futures! Love the goals – keeps you accountable! I am not a runner and did two marathons! You might get hooked! Enjoy your day!

  9. Happy birthday! The 30s are the best 🙂
    I started running this year and completed my first half-marathon in March, that was definitely an awesome experience. But I see you also have 2 marathons on the list, so you must be in much better shape than I am haha.
    I found that involving my wife in the goal setting was actually easier than I thought and because she challenged my thinking, we actually have better plans now and we’re financially more efficient. Win-win.
    Increasing your net worth by 50% is a huge goal, would you mind giving some details on how you plan to do that?

    • Hero says:

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! I don’t know about being in better shape than you, haha! I have ambitions to return to a more active running schedule, so we’ll see.

      Regarding the net worth goal: this is definitely a stretch goal, but I think it is achievable as long as income trends in the right direction, we limit our expenses, and our growing investments do well. However, we could easily end up with a much more modest net worth increase. I’ll be happy as long as it doesn’t decrease. 🙂

  10. Happy 30! I’ll be there next year, damn 20’s went to quickly! Great list of goals, love that they are both financial and personal. Way to involve Mrs. Superhero in everything, sounds like you guys are awesome. Hope independence day didn’t ruin our childhood because the original was awesome haha

    • Hero says:

      Haha, thanks Mike. I think the movie was OK. I won’t be rushing out to see it again anytime soon, nor will I purchase the Blu-ray, but it was enjoyable.

  11. Happy Birthday!! These are all great goals. I love reading goals! How sweet about the one date a week, such a fab idea. I’ve warned my husband that when I turn 30 I will have a mid life crisis. Haha. I think because in my mind I’m 18 so I get devastated when I realise how far away from 18 I am now, lol.

    • Hero says:

      Haha, I commented about a mid-life crisis the other day while getting my hair cut. The stylist reminded me that I probably wouldn’t die in my 60s. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday! I still have a few months before I hit the big 3-0 as well!

    Great list of goals – a 50k is crazy! I have only done a half marathon and that was crazy enough for me 🙂

    • Hero says:

      Thanks, Thias. Thirty isn’t so bad. 🙂

      I still have a bad taste in my mouth dating back to my injury during the 50 miler. A half marathon is a great accomplishment, no doubt about it.

  13. Staci Staci says:

    hope your bday was great last month! How are your #goals coming along? #investment #savings #workout

  14. John says:

    I’m approaching 30 soon and I’m realizing I don’t have nearly as many defined goals. Perhaps that’ll have to change soon!

    Congratulations on the success of probably your most important goals which is your relationships. I always have my head in my finances but continue to remind myself the entire purpose is to better the lives of me and the wife…not sacrifice them!

  15. Enjoyed the post. I’m always interested in what people are working towards. I did my part to help you reach your twitter followers goal. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

  16. Enjoyed the post! Always like to read this type of specific goal setting. Also, I’m a little late but happy birthday. You have some really good goals here as well. It’s great that you include the lifestyle and relationship goals in with the others. Balance is a major key. Hope it went well and good luck with your goals.

    • Hero says:

      Thanks, Graham, much appreciated. I’m making progress on many of the goals, but some look to be bigger stretch goals than I imagined. It doesn’t hurt to dream big, right?

  17. twice now in my 30s I legitimately forgot my age for extended periods of time and I’m not even out of my 30s. Be afraid ha!

  18. Jake says:

    We have some of the same finance goals as you, and 30 is quickly approaching! I also had a strange year 29 professionally as I am reevaluating career goals and finding employment prospects to be grim. Something about turning 30 has caused me to aggressively pursue my passions.

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