The sites listed below are a handful of my favorites. Check them out:

FinancialSamurai – Follow Sam on his journey toward building passive income

MrMoneyMustache – Mr. Money Mustache shows readers how early retirement and financial independence are reachable

BudgetsAreSexy – “A personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep.” -Benjamin Franklin

ModestMoney – A fantastic collection of financial widsom

DistilledDollar – Another excellent guide to financial independence

MillennialMoneyMan – Anti-entitlement advice from a former-teacher turned marketer and blogger

FamilyMoneyPlan – Great all-around advice from my friend Andrew!

SeedTime (formerly Christian Personal Finance) – Personal finance from a Christian perspective

WalletHacks – Jim shares a variety of financial wisdom

TheGreenSwan – A blog about the finer points of striving for early retirement

RetireByForty – RB40 is a great resource for those who look forward to an early retirement

FinancialSlacker – A great blog geared toward helping others reach their financial goals and gain the skills and┬áconfidence to better themselves along the way

ApathyEnds – Inspiring readers to take action on their personal finances

ThePracticalSaver – Allan has crafted a fine blog on family, life, and money

FiscalTiger – A great resource to learn about the nuances of credit cards

Guide to Personal Finance Blogs – A fantastic guide from Mindfully Investing

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