Uncommon Lessons From an Uncommon Coach – Part 1


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15 Responses

  1. Love the tie to being a maximizer! “What if more of us sought to learn at all times and applied newfound knowledge to become a wiser budgeter, investor, and employee?” I am really focused on this now. In some professional development this summer, I could have just sat back (since I could have been teaching it) but instead chose “all in”. It’s amazing what you can learn and connect to (on topics you already know) if you make the choice to be present and maximize your efforts. I have an upcoming post on that experience as well! Great read Superhero!

    • Hero says:

      It sounds like you have a better attitude than I do when it comes to PD, Vicki; good for you! I’m trying very hard to be present in the midst of it all this year, but so far it has been mostly tech-driven. I feel a bit like Michael Phelps watching everyone else trying to learn to float for the first time.

      Congrats, again, on the new job. I’m happy that you’ll have an opportunity to return to a school-based setting and make a difference for your staff and students.

  2. God, people like this are so inspiring. How I wish I could summon one tenth of that drive. Life is one big mind game and you only win if you win inside your own head!

  3. Great post, Hero.

    Harbaugh’s an intense dude…and it works for him. His brother’s been pretty successful too (and maybe somewhat less intense).

    But I get the feeling both practice “unparalleled persistence.” Which is something we can all strive for – and achieve. Thanks for the fun reminder.

    Big 10 title this year?

    • Hero says:

      Both Harbaughs are undoubtedly intense people, that’s certain. I’ll have some more commentary on what I think separates them in Part 2 of this series.

      I think Michigan could conceivably make a run at the national title this year if their QB situation is solidified, FL. They overachieved last year, IMO, and this year has the potential to shock the college football world. I’m not sure how many games I’m going to be able to watch, unfortunately, but I’m going to strive to watch them all!

  4. Nice post! Thanks for sharing. Harbaugh is an inspiring coach and person. If anyone gives even half the persistence and determination that he has, I’m sure they can accomplish a whole lot.

  5. Love these inspirational post. Everybody has the drive in them but it is ultimately up to us to unlock it. Can’t wait to read more from this series

  6. Great post FS! Coach Harbaugh is absolutely a relentless competitor. I know first hand as his Wolverines just smashed my Florida Gators in the bowl game last season. Hopefully the Gators can get em back in 2017.

    • Hero says:

      That’s my guy, DE. You probably guessed it, but I’m a big Wolverines fan. I still have some small regrets that I didn’t attend Michigan for my undergrad years.

  7. I’m not familiar with Coach Harbaugh down here in Australia but I do recognise the story of an inspirational guy when I hear it. Nice post FSH. It’s great to hear how people like the coach give inspiration to others, like yourself, to strive and reach their goals. I’ll be tuning in for part 2 next week.

  8. ZJ Thorne says:

    I love any person who is great in their own field appreciating greatness in other fields. It’s partially why I love the Olympics. The height of human physical achievement as she throws that shotput. I don’t ask why she throws that heavy weight. I just sit in wonder and awe of what she can do.

  9. Love Jim Harbaugh, he’s such a fantastic coach. My Niners really screwed up letting him go 😔

    • Hero says:

      He’s a fiery guy who has a tendency to wear out his welcome, but I, too, was shocked to see the Niners let him go. I guess your loss is our gain. 🙂

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