Uncommon Lessons From an Uncommon Coach – Part 2


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14 Responses

  1. Even on our worst days, I’d like to think my family has a sense of Harbaugh’s 1% mindset – “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!” I’m not sure we ever come right out and say things like that, but we have always tried to live a modest life (and stealing from Paula P. over at AffordAnything.com) – we have anything we want, just not everything.

  2. Oh no, not more Harbaugh coverage…j/k! You’re right, lots of great lessons can be learned from Jim. Thanks for the good piece!

  3. This is a great collection of lessons. I am finding that embracing failure is a trait that a lot of the most successful people have, while most average folks do not. Definitely something I need to work on getting better at.

  4. Nice work, Hero – a winning mindset is for sure an invaluable thing.

    Thanks for this inspiration!

  5. Again, awesome stuff about coach Harbaugh! I’m not sure many people can live up to the man’s constant drive and intensity, but if we get close I’m sure it would help us succeed in any aspect of life. Thanks for the great post FS and I’m hoping we’ll be seeing more from your Lessons From the Gridiron Series!

  6. I was a big fan of his ever since I learned about his preference for $10 khakis from Walmart. Guess the fancy 49ers needed more flash than that.

  7. ZJ Thorne says:

    Not believing in failure will get you many places. I tried to learn a language that was too hard for me with all else I had going on in my life. Instead of concluding that I was bad at languages, I found one that fit in with the time I had. That one I mastered and it is far more unique and distinguishes me in the work environment. I could have failed to learn a language, instead I figured out what was not working and adjusted only that.

  8. Ty Ty says:

    This BYU stadium pic in your UM post makes me smile whenever I see it. @wanttobewealthy should like it as well!

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