Should I Go to Grad School? Start by Asking the Right Questions


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6 Responses

  1. Half an article, what the heck – I paid for a FULL article! ha, ha…

  2. Going to undergrad college was a no-brainer for me but I haven’t really thought into grad school. I know I may want an MBA later on but then again, I also don’t know if I want an MBA and spend all the time and energy into it. Not only that there are so many opportunity costs. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    • The tuition for most good MBA’s are going to clear at least $50,000, but most are going to be more, especially for top ranked schools. Adding the opportunity cost can easily double the cost of the degree. I’m often tempted by fancy MBA’s, but right now it’s INCREDIBLY difficult to justify the expense.

  3. Grad school certainly does get pricey fast. If you know it will benefit you, then go for it. Sadly, however, I think many people go get a degree in Art, English or even Law without having a real plan on how to move forward from there. Don’t just get a degree — know exactly how that degree will get you to where you want to go.

    Yes, speaking a bit from experience 🙂

    But great article and I look forward to reading more on both sites.

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