Entrepreneur or Employee – Find Your Best Career Path


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6 Responses

  1. Up until this last year, employee was all I knew. While there are plenty of entrepreneurs in my family, I knew out of college I wanted the stability of an employee and I also didn’t have a good direction to go for the entrepreneur route.

    But now that my siblings and I have bought a business which I’m involved I’m on the side of my current employment I have been getting more of the entrepreneur side as well. Maybe eventually I’ll be ready to jump in with both feet. Thanks for the post!

    • Hero says:

      Stability is what attracted me to the life of an employee as well. It was ironic early in my career, as I was pink slipped due to budgetary problems three times in four years. But eventually I found that stability I was seeking.

  2. It’s interesting, I grew up in an entrepreneur family that’s pretty typical of growing up to immigrant parents. My dad didn’t have any formal education so the only thing he could do was make his own business.

    For my parents, success for me was finding a good job as an employee. They valued the prestige of being able to say their son worked for a good company .

    So growing up, I never thought there was any option other than being an employee – even while my parents were hustling as entrepreneurs .

    Now as I’ve learned more about the nature of work, I see myself doing both. I never knew entrepreneurship was something accessible to everyone. In my opinion, everyone should try some sort of entrepreneurial endeavor, to see if it’s for them.

  3. It’s interesting to see the options laid out so clearly like this. I feel like in our society employee is the default and you need to actively break the mold to become an entrepreneur. That makes it feel a bit more out of reach for most people.

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