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10 Responses

  1. Hero, this is a great post and an excellent reminder that time is an incredibly valuable resource…that we often waste without second thought.

    I like your question: “What is it time for now?” It’s tempting to get overly analytical with planning leisure pursuits sometimes. This question sounds like a good way to keep things fresh and serendipitous. Off now for a leisurely walk with family in the mountains…!

    Congrats on passing the RE exam, and much luck on Monday.

  2. Love that story! She sounds like she is on an excellent path. All about the mindset – isn’t it? I was just on a forum over at MMM in a discussion with someone on basically this topic. At FI – when you go back to taking part-time work, it is really easy to lose focus on leisure time and put all your efforts back into your job – which is only supposed to be part-time! What is it time for now is a great question – and one to keep in the forefront of your thinking. As much as I have downshifted, I think I need a schedule to keep my leisure activities (and exercise, etc.) in my routine. Very easy for work to creep back in and take over priorities. Keeping the purpose in mind is key! Great post!

  3. Great post! For me, dealing with the grind is managed simply by remembering what I’m grinding for: my family. I can totally relate to the young mom in your story. We’ve got families to take care of and nothing, not even a pile of human feces, will stop you from doing what needs to be done to provide a better life.

  4. Our time is the one resource we can not get. A great reminder to use it wisely.

  5. At the moment when combining commuting, further education, work and the blog I don’t have much leisure time at the moment. But that’s okay, I’m working towards several awesome things that will hopefully pay off in time 🙂

    Time is the the best asset we have and what we should value the most (and not give away cheaply).


  6. ZJ Thorne says:

    I get some leisure at work, because my full-time job does not require my full brain. I use the the forty hours to listen to podcasts. Some are news, some are on topics I want to learn about, and some are just fun (I love The Read). I no longer read the news on my computer since I am hearing it elsewhere. This gives me time to read PF blogs and end my night with some time reading a book to calm my brain. I’m also grateful to have a public transportation commute that allows me to read or play a quick game on my phone. Excellent decompression time so I can focus my after work time on building up my business and skill-developing.

  7. Congrats on passing your exam!

    For me, staying focused on the grind becomes so much easier once I start seeing results. It’s just like dieting and trying to lose weight- it’s easy to fall off the horse early, but once you see your hard work start to pay off, it becomes easier to endure the grind (and if you’re anything like me, you might actually start ENJOYING it. yikes.)

    Great post! Enjoying your blog

  8. Beth says:

    I love this post and my favorite line is: Sh!t happens; How you respond is everything.

    That is so true! I try to keep this mentality at all times. There are times when things feel like they are too much to handle but that is only natural. For the most part – you shouldn’t dwell on every negative thing that happens and give up. You have to move on.

    Congrats on passing your test by the way! I dealt with the same thing when I just took my test. They basically did a strip search (hahah j/k)! Super strict these days.

  9. DDave says:

    Just had to say. Great article caught my attention right away.

    I had oft suspected the average person didn’t do much work, now I have irrefutable proof! Also your message about working harder is cool too.

    • Hero says:

      Thanks for stopping by, FJJ. I appreciate the comment. I think we all have unique capabilities in life; mine just happens to be the ability to work a lot and not burn out.

      I know we connected recently on Twitter, but I haven’t checked out your site yet – adding it to my list of things to do this evening!

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