Why College Isn’t For Everyone


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5 Responses

  1. College is definitely not for everyone! While I agree we need some kind of student loan reform in the U.S., the free college movement bothers me because so many people will feel pressured to spend 4, 5 or even 6 years chasing a degree they don’t need. Maybe they don’t come out with student debt, but they lose several years of earnings and experience.

    At 33, my husband now wishes he had gone to trade school instead of college and he is adamant about keeping all paths open to our son. His parents recommended trade school when he was young, but at the time he told them, “people from [his childhood town] don’t go to those schools.” Sad that this negative portrayal of the trades has been around so long. Thanks for sharing a more positive message!

    • Hero says:

      Your husband’s story is a great example of why students need to be empowered to choose the path that is best for them, Chelsea. I think the stigma surrounding trades could be halted if society began recognizing skilled tradespeople as entrepreneurs.

  2. I agree 100% with you. College isn’t for everyone. This isn’t the 70’s or 80’s. A college degree doesn’t guarantee anything these days. When I talk to my students, I let them know that they should still have a skill to fall back on just in case things don’t work out.

  3. College has become more expensive without ROI. In business, that’s a bad investment so why are we now starting to look at college in the same manner. Online options and self teaching are viable to a point, but if you want specific learning like being an auto mechanic, you don’t need college!

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