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July 2016 Blog Report

Today’s post represents the fourth FinanceSuperhero Monthly Blog Report. In many ways, I cannot believe this site has been around for four months; in other ways, I cannot believe this site has only been around for four months.

July 2016 Blog report

If you are reading this, thank you for your interaction, kindness, constructive criticism, and support, all of which have helped this little blog grow. I began this website with a lofty goal – Restoring Order to the World of Finance – but also for own personal entertainment and enjoyment; to be honest, I did not expect to join such an outstanding community of like-minded writers and personal finance enthusiasts.

When I published my first article on April’s Fools Day, I was excited when around 50 people found their way to this site and read it. Life has been a whirlwind since that day, and it is very interesting to look back on those first articles and see how much I have learned from other bloggers in such a short amount of time.

Again, thank you to everyone who has stopped by this site to read an article. If you’re a lurker, especially a non-blogger, please don’t feel too intimidated to leave a comment or ask a question. I would love to see the sense of community here continue to grow each month.

July in Review

In my June Blog Report, I lamented that I had fallen short of four out of five goals for the month:

1. Reach a minimum of 3,000 new page views in June – FAIL
2. Reach a minimum of 3,000 total Twitter followers in June – FAIL
3. Officially join the Yakezie Challenge – SUCCESS
4. Grow my Alexa ranking into the top 900,000 globally by July 1 – FAIL
5. Publish 15 new posts in June – FAIL

Even so, I did not allow the discouragement to hold me back from upping the ante on my goals for July:

1. Reach a minimum of 5,000 new page views in July
2. Reach a minimum of 5,000 total Twitter followers in July
3. Be a more collaborative member of the blogging community by guest posting on at least 3 other blogs.
4. Grow my Alexa ranking into the top 800,000 globally by August 1
5. Publish 16 new posts in July

The results are in:

1. 6,895 new page views in July – SUCCESS
2. 4,470 Twitter followers – FAIL

Ordinarily, I would be very disappointed at missing this goal. My disappointment was somewhat tempered by the fact that I started a Pinterest page and quickly gained 762 followers in no time, thanks largely to the help of Mrs. Superhero. I’m still learning the ropes with Pinterest, but I plan to get started with Tailwind and BoardBooster in the next few days.

3. Four guest posts – SUCCESS +1

First, Michael at SuperMillennial offered to help me get the ball rolling on my goal. As aside, if you haven’t checked out his guest post here, Tracking Your Net Worth, I highly recommend it.

The next guest post, How to Quit Your in Style, was far and away the highlight of my short-lived time as a blogger, as it was published on BudgetsAreSexy, one of my favorite personal finance blogs. As one blogger friend put it, “that’s pretty much the Holy Grail of guest posts.” I remain very grateful to J. Money for the awesome opportunity.

My guest post on Budgets Are Sex was the highlight of July for FinanceSuperhero
My guest post on Budgets Are Sexy was the highlight of July for FinanceSuperhero

Two days later, I decided to stick my neck out a bit and declared A Guaranteed Stock Market Prediction at DistilledDollar; thank you, Matt, for the opportunity.

And last but not least, Travis graciously allowed me to write about one of my favorite personal finance topics – budgeting – in a piece titled How to Turn Your Finances Around In One Day at MillennialMoola.

I am excited to have a few more guest posts in the pipeline for August.

4. Alexa rankings as of August 1, 2016
Global: 594,014
United States: 71,920

SUCCESS – very excited about this growth!

5. 15 total posts in July – FAIL – close, but just fell short of the goal

Reflecting on My Goals

I have always been a highly goal-oriented person, even as a child. Moments after being challenged by my Grandpa to hit my first home run on the opening day of a new little league season, I belted a three-run homer into the tall pine trees overlooking right field. Goals motivate me.

That said, I am learning that being too goal driven can be detrimental. In this blog report, for example, I framed my pursuit of the above goals using two metrics: SUCCESS and FAIL. Specifically, the latter metric fails to account for the positive progress that was made in spite of missing my established benchmark. Reaching nearly 4,500 Twitter followers and publishing 15 posts are satisfying statistical benchmarks.

Moving forward to August, I am going to refrain from establishing any kind of measurable, statistical goals; instead, I plan to focus more upon a qualitative evaluation of the progress made with the blog by asking myself questions, such as:

Am I providing and facilitating quality interaction and communication?

Am I building a greater sense of community?

Am I selflessly promoting others and helping them grow?

Am I writing thought-provoking, growth-oriented articles?

By shifting my goal-setting process in this manner, I hope to see the blog grow in new and exciting ways.

yakezie badge

How was your July? What blog-related (or overall) goals do you have for August?


April 2016 Blog Report – Lessons From My First Month Blogging

Welcome to the first of many Monthly Blog Reports! This will be a brief report, and I am writing it primarily for the sake of posterity and transparency. I hope my readers will find it interesting.

Lesson 1 – Progress is Relative

When I first decided to launch my own self-hosted blog, it was a decision that I had been mulling for months. I began by writing a few articles and exploring options for hosting and domain names.

I launched FinanceSuperhero through Bluehost and secured my desired domain name in a matter of moments. After linking with WordPress and choosing a theme, I was on my way!

Then, things got a little more challenging.

Since blogging was (and still is) new to me, choosing plug-ins, writing posts, creating menus, getting to know other bloggers in my niche, and marketing FinanceSuperhero via social media have all taken time. I am still learning each day. However, I am satisfied with even modest progress on a daily basis.

Lesson 2 – The Importance of Networking

By far, the biggest reason for the modest success I have had with FinanceSuperhero thus far is due to networking. I started out by reading and commenting on the blogs of commenters on FinancialSamurai and MrMoneyMustache, followed them on Twitter, and began expanding my network. Admittedly, I got a late start on all of this, in many respects.

When I launched FinanceSuperhero, I set two goals for the month of April.

1. Reach a minimum of 1,000 pageviews by May 1.

2. Reach a minimum of 1,000 Twitter followers by May 1.

As of the time of writing, it appears Goal 1 was achieved (just over 1,200 page views), while I fell short of achieving Goal 2 (875 followers). I did not set a goal for comments, as I honestly anticipated somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-10 comments. However, I was surprised to discover that there are currently 65 total comments (approximately half of which are my responses to others’ comments).

Lesson 3 – Writing Solely for the Love of Writing

When I began looking into starting FinanceSuperhero, I read advice from many established bloggers. All of them advised new bloggers to write for their readers and for the love of writing, not for the money.

After one month, I can validate that this is the correct approach.

I activated Google Adsense mid-April. As of the end of April, I earned a staggering $0.47. Please try not to be jealous.

Despite the obviously low earnings, which are quite common for the early life of a newly-established blog, I have renewed my love for writing. It is exciting to me that nearly 400 unique readers have visited FinanceSuperhero, according to Google Analytics, and read about my thoughts on budgeting, car leases, values, goals, and personal lessons.

Lesson 4 – Always Writing

When I began writing for FinanceSuperhero, I thought that I would be most successful by writing at specific, consistent times. While this works, I have also realized that inspiration hits me at the oddest times. Because my mind seems to be “always writing,” in a sense, I have implemented the following safeguards to ensure that I can record ideas:

1. Maintain current projects and a list of ideas electronically via Google Docs. In doing so, I can begin work on an article on my iPad, initiate brief edits during lunch at the office, and finish an article at home on my laptop.

2. Keep a legal pad on my night stand, in case I wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning with an idea.

3. Dictate ideas while driving via Siri.

Reader Recommendations

Launch your own blog! I have had more fun writing and networking with other personal finance bloggers than I ever could have imagined. You can launch a free blog via many platforms, or you can choose your own domain, at a cost, through several different companies. I chose Bluehost for its fine reputation with bloggers whom I respect, as well as their reasonable cost structure, customer service, and quality.

Note: The Bluehost links contained in this post are affiliate links.

Get active on Twitter. It is tremendously interesting to observe the collaboration which occurs via social media. I have enjoyed promoting others’ work, and I have been humbled by the promotion of my work that has slowly begun to pick up steam.