How to Build an Emergency Fund – 5 Ways to Quickly Save $1,000


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6 Responses

  1. Yaaaaas to all of this! Essentially you have to find ways to either cut your spending or increase your income. I started bringing in a little moolah on the side by taking up freelance work online (I use UpWork), and that’s been nice, too. Cutting expenses was most effective for us, though. We lowered our energy bills, lowered phone bills, got rid of a car payment, and ate at home more. It worked, and now we have over a months’ worth of expenses in savings.

    • Hero says:

      A combination approach works well for a lot of people. That’s some impressive hustle in cutting expenses, Mrs. Picky Pincher. Just wondering – how large do you plan to grow your emergency fund? I like to keep ours near 3-6 months’ of expenses, though it is currently lower than that target.

  2. Cassie says:

    Yes, the cable and cell phone bills are the first to consider if you’re trying to save money. They are huge bills and I don’t know how we’ve come to accept this. Do whatever it takes to establish an emergency fund, it is crucial.

    • Hero says:

      I think it’s a by-product of an instant gratification society, Cassie, but you are right – an emergency fund is crucial. Thanks for your comment.

  3. DS says:

    Great ideas. This is the reminder I needed to check for less expensive auto insurance. I have three letters sitting on my desk from various companies offering to beat my current provider.

  4. Nice list, David! I love negotiating with the cable or telcom companies to see how much I can squeeze back out. 😉

    There’s always some way to generate more cash if you’re determined.

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