April 2017 Blog Income Report: How I Made $1,070.40 Blogging


I launched FinanceSuperhero in April 2016 to help others save money, get out of debt, earn more money, and live the best life possible. Send me an e-mail or a comment if I can help you in your journey. Thanks for reading!

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12 Responses

  1. Your site metrics are interesting! It looks like you’re doing a great job of pulling in new readers. That’s been my challenge lately, although I’m really pleased to have a majority of loyal readers on the metrics. But great job bringing in that blog income! That’s nothing to scoff at, my friend. 🙂

    • Hero says:

      Thanks, Mrs. Picky Pincher! The metrics are definitely unique. I’d like to see the bounce rate decrease significantly next month, but that’s a goal that’s pretty far down the list in terms of importance.

  2. Wow, you’re doing so well! I really need to work on a strategy for Pinterest. What affiliates do you use through FlexOffers?

    • Hero says:

      Thank you, Francesca! Pinterest has been a revelation over the past couple months. Facebook, on the other hand, is an area I need to improve on greatly.

      So far, I’ve had the best conversions on FlexOffers with AirFareWatchdog, Esurance, Swagbucks, several different survey offers, and Lending Tree. Trim is a new affiliate that I think will perform well for me down the road, also. My affiliate strategy is still very much a work in progress, mostly because like most bloggers, I’m not willing to promote junky offers just to make a few dollars.

  3. Mike says:

    Congrats…i need to up my Pinterest game too…i have ignored it…recommend any boards? Take care, Mike

    • Hero says:

      Thanks, Mike. My best advice would be to take a look at the boards I am pinning to and see how many you can get on yourself. I reached out to bloggers I already had developed relationships with to request addition to their boards to get my feet wet. It’s a good idea to get a feel for how Pinterest works before going after some of the bigger boards so you don’t accidentally break any rules and get kicked off the board.

      I also can’t say enough great things about Rosemarie’s tutorial on BoardBooster. It is a huge time saver!

  4. Awesome results! Thanks for taking the time to share both the income and info on your process. As we start to accumulate more and more content, having these resources to draw more readers will be a huge help. Keep up the great work and we’ll see you around!

    • Hero says:

      You are welcome, Ryan. Hang in there. Blogging is a truly rewarding experience all around when you stick with it. And you guys have a great blog!

  5. Wow!
    Beautiful Blog and Rewards, I’m impressed from your hard work.

    I knows with my own experience with being blogging for one year and almost seven months, I’m making around $1000 monthly with only Amazon Affiliate Links.

    By seeing the Success of my Ease Bedding Dot Com Blog, now I started another Blog recently, where I can share my blogging experiences.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your Experiences and Income Report.

  6. Thanks for your income report. It is refreshing to see one recent where you are making a reasonable amount compared to some of the ridiculously high amounts that the most popular bloggers bring in. I too am trying to create an income outside of a “real” job. Nice work so far. I look forward to following your progress.

    When did you make your first income from your blog?

    • Hero says:

      Thanks, Mr. Atypical. I’m happy you found this post useful!

      I agree that some of the income reports from high earners can be hard to relate to early on. Obviously, it would be great to earn that kind of income, but everyone starts somewhere — even the Rosemarie Groners and Pat Flynns started relatively small.

      I think I made my first real income (other than a few cents here and there from Google Adsense) about six months into my blogging journey. It was affiliate income earned from a post about saving money on travel.

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