All About the Acronyms, Baby! (Keeping Up With the HENRYs?)


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30 Responses

  1. Hah Minks, you will have to post a picture of your T-shirt design.

  2. We are OIOKs (One income one kid) for right now before we graduate to TIOKs in a month when my wife goes back to work part time. I always thought there were too many acronyms out there and now you have added to the madness 😉

  3. I love the acronyms.

    And I think it’s smart to work and save as much as possible before kids. I have two. And they are the two greatest kids in the world. I am not biased. Everyone tells me so – my parents, my wife’s parents, etc.

    But seriously, not only is it much easier to save money when it’s just the two of you, once you have kids, your time is no longer your own. My perception is that most part-time bloggers either haven’t had kids yet or their kids are already grown. There is probably a reason. It’s tough to work a full-time job, take care of your kids, and try to make money on the side.

    Do as much as possible now. And when you have them, enjoy your children even if it means sacrificing a little of the side business income. They’re only young once.

  4. Another nice article, Hero.

    “In a culture which places the highest value on instant gratification, we are embracing the opposite”… This seems to be the true test of character today. To really live it takes dedication, humility and humor.

    Thanks for exemplifying how to do it elegantly.

    Love that “financially unaware college kids” acronym, by the way!

  5. We are DINKs for now – but will definetely have kids in the future. We are enjoying our time and saving a bunch of money. Every month I feel more prepared mentally and financially to have kids (Time will tell if that is a reality one day!)

    If this blog thing works out maybe we will move into MINK status.

  6. The acronyms are hilarious! We’re definitely MINKS based on these descriptions and will probably stay so until we retire. I love kidsm too, but teaching them (I’m a teacher, too) during the day is just fine with me (quiet home life allows me to be creative at home.)

  7. That’s a great meme and some hilarious acronyms, I hadn’t heard of many of those before. Right now we are dual income, one kid. Sounds like you minks are doing things right, very impressive!

  8. Brian Lund says:

    The HENRY is a great status to be in order to become a HEAR (high income and rich). It’s just a matter of time and smart management once you’re a HENRY. Fun post Hero!

    • Hero says:

      HEAR has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? *cue rimshot*

      Thanks for commenting, Brian. I try to keep things laid back around here once in a while. 🙂

  9. We are DIOK for now. Stay a DINK though and enjoy it. Once you have a baby, be prepare to sacrifice haha

    • Hero says:

      Thanks for the words of wisdom, Aaron. We’re watching our siblings go through the adventure of having children and cherishing our freedom while we still can!

  10. Never knew I was always an ERROR

  11. Love the DINKS thing. I have never heard of that before! That is great. I love the side hustle you both have. My husband and I are very similar. We both have jobs (he is full time, I am part time) we have a side real estate business, he works for our township and is a board member for a homeless shelter in our area. I have the blog as my side hustle. I don’t have any fun acronyms but I love this and now I need to come up with my own:)

  12. Jon says:

    Those are great acronyms! Maybe we are SIRS – single income rich soon – hopefully!

    Great job taking advantage of your time as DINKs, once the kids come you’ll be glad you have the financial cushion and peace of mind!

  13. I love the ERROR acronym, haha. I wasn’t familiar with the term DINK until last week. Someone commented with the term on a blog post I was reading and I at first I thought it meant idiot or someone who is dumb, haha. Now I know.

  14. I am a SAHM although with the blog I suppose you can call me a WAHM. As a family we are generally a SITK which doesn’t spell anything pronounceable. We were DINKS for about 6 years and I wish we had taken advantage of that time more. You are doing the right thing with your MINKS status! I enjoy reading about it!

  15. Hello! I worked for Boeing for several years and thought I learned every acronym out there. Wrong! 🙂 I would consider my husband and I DINGOs. Working on becoming MIFs – multiple income family? Haha. Even my 7 year old daughter is starting to “side-hustle” by selling books, lemonade and bracelets. I love the part about hustling now to focus on what’s important later.

  16. was actually the first blog I worked for and the site is still going strong! I absolutely love being a DINK and honestly I think that both DINKs and SINKs should delay having kids as long as possible because there are so many advantages, especially financially.

  17. ZJ Thorne says:

    These are lovely! I had never heard of a HENRY.

    I think anyone who assumes you are bad because you are hustling like mad right now is silly. Working your butt off is not a character flaw by itself.

  18. Yetisaurus says:

    Hilarious. We’re definitely DINGOs. Don’t worry, we won’t eat anyone’s babies, though. 😉

  19. Being a DINK is a better acronym than being an OINK (One Income No Kids).

    I’m not sure that your colleague was trying to insult you, or that you should feel insulted by what she said. Unless you didn’t say some of the Convo, (and depending on her intentions) she may have just been trying to state an observational fact that your household has 2 incomes and no kids. Like Financial Slacker said, kids can take up an enormous amount of time, making time for side hustles (on top of a full time job, having a good relationship with your partner, commute time etc etc). Also, even if you were successfully juggling your current MINK status, plus kids, then there’s just that added expense. If you have $100k income and $50k expenses, 50% savings rate, fantastic well done! There have been many, many studies done about how much kids cost, so lets say on average an extra $5k a year for food, clothing, extra bedroom in your house etc.

    That DINK couple, now a DIWK (with kids) couple now has to spend at least $55k, leaving $5k left. So it’s just a fact that if you did have kids, it would cost more. That doesn’t meant you shouldn’t feel any less good about your financial achievements (they’re great, keep it up). Nor should couples with kids feel bad that they have expenses either, they should feel great for what they achieve.

    When you do have kids, I’m sure you’ll be in a great financial position 🙂


    • Hero says:

      Tristan, thanks for the comprehensive comment! I should have clarified the reason for my initial inclination to feel insulted; my dad used to jokingly call me and my siblings “dinks” whenever we were clumsy or otherwise foolish. When my co-worker dropped the term for the first time, I was both caught off-guard and unaware of its meaning.

      Like you said, being a DINK or MINK has its advantages, so we are trying to flex our financial muscle as much as possible in the short-term.

  20. Am I Making Cents says:

    I think I’m KRASI (Kids R Adults Single Income)! I am divorced and have 3 grown children who are all DINKS for now.

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