Greetings, and welcome to Finance Superhero! If you are interested in money and its role in your life, this blog is for you. This blog began with a simple idea: dedication to the protection of finances by defeating common “money myths,” combating threats to financial well-being (such as the consumer lifestyle, debt, mismanaged assets, and lack of a game plan), and “Restoring Order to the World of Finance,” one post at a time.

I have been interested in finance, including personal finance, real estate, investing, and retirement for over a decade. My personal approach to finance is values-based. Order, precision, and maximization are values I strive to honor in my own finances.

I launched this site rather reluctantly in March 2016 following years of encouragement from my wife, Mrs. Superhero. She knew that I badly missed writing and enjoyed personal finance far more than the average person, yet I didn’t have an outlet for either of those passions.

By profession, I am a public school educator, part-time financial consultant, and real estate agent. I do not hold a CPA, MBA, or any other fancy letters of accreditation. I do, however, have plenty of experience and first-hand knowledge when it comes to personal finance. I have made mistakes with dollar signs in front of them. I have also experienced the joys of conquering a mountain of student loan debt.

Mr. and Mrs. FinanceSuperhero

Mr. and Mrs. FinanceSuperhero

I recommend starting here and reading your way through other posts that interest you by navigating through topics or using the search bar. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please provide them in the comments section within each individual post. If you have specific questions or suggestions regarding topics for future posts, please e-mail me at financesuperhero at gmail dot com.

Restoring Order to the World of Finance,


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