7 Critical Ways Dave Ramsey is Right About Money


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5 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’m not generally a fan of Dave Ramsey, but his stuff works! We used his cash envelope system and his Snowball method to learn good money habits and stay out of debt. I can’t emphasize enough how having even a small savings cushion will save your ass while paying off debt, y’all!

    • Hero says:

      I used to think that a majority of people liked Ramsey, but a few years ago I started noticing more and more criticism and even outright anger directed his way. But you’re absolutely right – his methods work.

  2. I found Dave Ramsey at a young age, understood and enjoyed his philosophy, but still dug myself into a pile of debt thinking somehow I was smarter. It’s taken me almost 10 years, but I’m finally getting back on track. There’s still a few things I don’t subscribe to, but the end result is the same. We’re living responsibly by paying attention to our money, using a budget, and paying down our debts. The end result is the same, FREEDOM!!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. JCig says:

    Unless you have a clear & strong vision, or another way of putting it “courage of your convictions”, there is NO WAY you will win @ the game of staying ahead of the life curve. Many times we had to forgo the new cars, vacations, bigger house, etc… [fill-in-the-blank]. Because we knew [with our income], we were not going to retire rich unless we saved & invested our arses off. This did not make me popular with the children. Also financial literacy plays a HUGE part in this as well. Fast forward 30 yrs later, we are 4 years away from retiring @ 55 yrs old. Most of our friends are going to have to work until 65-70 yrs old and STILL aren’t going to have the income & lifestyle we will have.

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